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12 CoreFiber Optic Pigtail LC/UPC SM 0.9MM 1 meter

12 CoreFiber Optic Pigtail LC/UPC SM 0.9MM 1 meter

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    Introducing our premium 12 Core Fiber Optic Pigtail, designed to revolutionize your network connectivity. Crafted with utmost precision and expertise, this pigtail is a remarkable addition to any FTTH, FTTB, or FTTX network.

    Made from high-quality G652D fiber, this pigtail guarantees exceptional performance and reliability. With LC/UPC SM SX connectors, it ensures seamless and efficient data transmission. The 12 core fiber configuration provides ample capacity for your network needs, allowing you to effortlessly handle large volumes of data.

    Durability is at the core of our design philosophy. Each pigtail is meticulously manufactured in Zhejiang, China, using the finest materials. We stand behind the quality of our product with a generous 1-year warranty, giving you peace of mind and confidence in your investment.

    Versatility is key, and our pigtail offers just that. Whether you need a 1-meter, 2-meter, 3-meter, or customized length, we have you covered. The pigtail comes in individual inner boxes, with options of 1 piece or 10 pieces per packing, providing convenience and flexibility for your installation process.

    With a supply ability of 10,000 pieces per day, we ensure timely delivery to meet your project deadlines. Our packaging is designed to protect each pigtail during transit, so it arrives in pristine condition, ready to be deployed.

    Join countless satisfied customers who have experienced the power of our 12 Core Fiber Optic Pigtail. Upgrade your network infrastructure today and unlock the true potential of high-speed data transmission. Trust in our OEM and ODM capabilities to meet your specific requirements.

    Don't settle for anything less than excellence. Choose our 12 Core Fiber Optic Pigtail and elevate your network performance to new heights. Order now and experience the difference firsthand.

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