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1:8 SC/UPC ABS Cassette type PLC splitter fiber box type PLC for ftth

1:8 SC/UPC ABS Cassette type PLC splitter fiber box type PLC for ftth

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    Introducing our top-of-the-line 1:8 SC/UPC ABS Cassette type PLC splitter fiber box! Designed for the modern era of fiber-optic connectivity, this remarkable product is a must-have for any FTTH, FTTX, or FTTP setup.

    Crafted with precision and expertise, our PLC splitter fiber box is the epitome of reliability and performance. Manufactured in Zhejiang, China by our trusted ODM OEM brand, this product guarantees exceptional quality and durability.

    With a sleek and compact design, this fiber adapter and connector is perfect for seamlessly integrating into any network infrastructure. Its SC/UPC connectors ensure effortless compatibility and secure connections for uninterrupted data transmission.

    Equipped with the latest G657A1 0.9mm fiber technology, our PLC splitter fiber box delivers exceptional performance across a wide wavelength range of 1310/1550nm. Experience minimal signal loss with an impressive insertion loss of ≤10.2dB, allowing for efficient data transfer.

    What sets our product apart is its outstanding polarization reliability, boasting a remarkable ≤0.3dB. This ensures that your network remains stable and consistent, even in demanding conditions.

    The versatility of our PLC splitter fiber box is unparalleled. Whether you need it for a box, closure, or ODF application, it seamlessly adapts to your specific requirements. Its compact size allows for easy installation and integration into any network setup.

    Rest assured, our product comes with a 1-year warranty, providing you with peace of mind and confidence in your investment. We stand behind the quality of our product and are committed to your satisfaction.

    Upgrade your fiber-optic network infrastructure with our 1:8 SC/UPC ABS Cassette type PLC splitter fiber box. Experience the power of seamless connectivity and unparalleled performance. Shop now and revolutionize your network setup today!

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