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SC APC Fiber Optic SC fushion splice-on type Fast Connector

SC APC Fiber Optic SC fushion splice-on type Fast Connector

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  • Application scope:ODF,Fiber Network equipment,FTTH,CATV,etc.
  • IL average≤0.1dB
  • RL:UPC≥55dB,APC≥65dB
  • Content:Connector housing,SC/UPC Housing,SC/APC Housing,Plastic shrinkable sleeve,Connector assembly
  • Operation Step:
  1. Put the plastic shrinkable sleeve,connector housing and nut into the FTTH cable in sequence
  2. Peel off the outer layer of the FTTH cable with the stripper.
  3. Cut off the redundant fiber with optical cleaver
  4. Do not pull off the dust cap after assembling the optical fiber connector
  5. Using Miller pliers,peel the fiber from the root of the joint
  6. Put the whole joint into the heating fixture of the OTDR
  7. Put in plastic shrink sleeve
  8. Install the housing and complete the operation.
  • Feature:

The fusion splice-on type's fast connector is directly fusion welding the connector or ferrule with butterfly cable,φ3.0mm,φ2.0mm,φ0.9mm by using the fusion machine.The fusion joint is at the end of the internal connector,and no need of additional protection for the fusion joint.Compared with the mechanical type's fast connector,the fusion splice-on type's fast connector can improve the optical performance of the connector and get the operation qualification rate of 100%,extend the service life of the connector and reduce the maintenance cost.


*Package: 5 pcs/blister box/$20

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